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Daniela Hurtado Caicedo

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Blending imagination with a forward-thinking edge. Come along on this journey through creativity and possible futures.

My Bio

Alright, get ready to dive into my crazy journey. So, there's this girl – that's me, by the way – who started her career in advertising. Picture me slinging fun visuals and creating campaigns that not only sold stuff but also made people feel all the feels.

After seven years in the agency world, I thought, 'Why not do my own thing?' And bam! I birthed a Creative Studio named ACHU! It has been my heaven of creative chaos, where ideas run wild, and every project is a chance to break all the rules. For a whole decade, that studio has been my playground, and let me tell you, I’ve been playing hard.

But wait, there's more. I decided I was up for a new challenge, so I kicked off a whole new project, co-founding with another kickass woman, a Branding firm called Not So Humble. It has now become my strategic dojo where brands turn into living, breathing entities. I'm not just creating beautiful visuals anymore; I'm whispering the brand's audience's deepest insights into their ears.

So with that, my foresight game has taken a boost. Yeah, you caught that right – it's growing into a vital part of my creative repertoire. I'm not merely foreseeing trends; I'm catching the future waves, integrating my strategic creativity with a forward-looking edge.

In the grand scheme of things, my journey is like a rollercoaster of creativity and vision, turning every project into a trajectory of strategy, design and insights. Buckle up, because my tale is a never-ending adventure through the realms of creativity and the possible futures. And trust me, you want a front-row seat for this one.

Skills sets

Creative Director

Having pursued a career in advertising, I have consistently immersed myself in the creative processes of various projects. Over the course of seven years working in advertising agencies, I ascended to the position of Creative Director. Subsequently, upon establishing my own creative studio, I successfully honed and expanded my creative skills through independent ventures.

Visual Artist

My journey through the creative industry has been shaped by my proficiency in visual skills. I have a passion for blending digital and handmade techniques, fearlessly exploring various formats and software tools. This approach has enabled me to craft a diverse portfolio encompassing still imagery and dynamic moving visuals.

Strategic mindset

In the realm of creativity, strategy serves as the guiding force, preventing it from becoming an untamed energy without direction. Over the course of my advertising career, I have immersed myself in the strategic intricacies of various projects. Subsequently, as the founder of my own studio and branding firm, I enhanced my strategic skills through diverse endeavors. Presently, I am dedicated to further elevating my strategic acumen, fully committed to a path as a futurist.

Emerging Futurist

Currently, I am undergoing formal training in this field through courses provided by The Future Laboratory and Box1824.

Journey Highlights

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