Product Creation: Working Buddha

Type of project
Product Creation
ACHU! Studio
My Role
Creative and product designer

Balancing Work

and Zen

The emergence of Bleisure as a lifestyle trend has significantly influenced the creation of the Working Buddha product. Bleisurite consumers, especially New Millennial individuals, seamlessly blend work and leisure, relying on technology to manage their always-connected lives. The Working Buddha, designed to find balance in this dynamic lifestyle, serves as a decorative piece for the desk or a functional smartphone holder.

Crafted as a pottery figure in a relaxed working position, it comes in four colors, each imbued with a unique meaning. Serving as a desk ornament or smartphone holder, Working Buddha's packaging adopts a blind box approach, introducing an element of surprise. Alternatively, a QR code on the box connects users to an app, revealing the Buddha's color and presenting a fresh inspirational quote with each use.

Adapting to Bleisure Lifestyles

With the rise of flexible working practices, social networks, and the importance of the mobile office highlighted in the Bleisure trend, Working Buddha aligns with the tech-savvy, multitasking nature of New Millennials. The product encapsulates the shift in how individuals define work and prioritize personal enjoyment. As the Bleisure class represents a substantial portion of travelers, almost half of those visiting London annually, the Working Buddha addresses the need for balance and inspiration in the lives of these individuals who no longer see a strict separation between work and leisure.

Implications and Future Outlook: Harmonizing Work and Life

As Bleisure gains prominence, Working Buddha exemplifies the symbiosis between lifestyle shifts and innovative product design. This case study showcases how the evolving needs of a generation prompt the creation of products that symbolize balance in the evolving intersection of work and personal life. The Bleisure revolution reflects a paradigm shift, where work and leisure seamlessly coexist, shaping the future landscape of professional and personal fulfillment.